- Teeple's Seafood Restaurant Teeples, Savannah, Georgia
Seafood Restaurant
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DINNER: Monday - Friday 5pm-10pm
LUNCH & DINNER: Saturday Noon - 10pm
Sunday: Closed

Teeple's Restaurant started 25 years ago next door to where we're now located. The Restaurant moved 15 years ago to it's present location, which is one of the few original buildings left on the bluff. The Elmgren-Teeple family has lived in Thunderbolt for over 100 years. We like Thunderbolt so much that we hope to live the rest of our lives in this community.

At the turn of the century, Thunderbolt was considered Savannah's playground. We had horse, boat and auto racing, the famous Bannon Lodge Restaurant, a marina-boat works (owned by our great grandfather and grandfather) and a casino.

In the 1930's Thunderbolt turned in a new direction and became a shrimping village. The Trade Winds and Sea Pak brands you purchase in your local grocery store were started in Thunderbolt by the Ambos family.

The Elmgren-Teeple family has watched the seasons change in Thunderbolt and observed the town evolving from a weekend get-away to a shrimping village, and now a family community.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us, because our wish is to make you feel like family.

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